About Showcase

What is Real Estae magazine and Showcase?

Real Estate magazine is at the center of a powerful marketing campaign. The fusion of print, direct mail, digital, SMS text-to, and social media form a wide-reaching marketing campaign – the next generation sales and marketing promotion.

Presented in both digital and print form, Real Estate’s elegant design attracts property buyers and sellers of all generations. Articles of local interest are tastefully presented to the reader. Much more than a beautiful, well-designed coffee table quality magazine, Real Estate is a highly effective sales and marketing tool. Realtors and affiliates who advertise their brands are assured than when buyers and sellers are ready to act they know who to call.

Real Estate magazine offers:

  • Our proprietary Showcase app makes it quick and simple to launch an entire marketing campaign for your listings using a smartphone, computer, or tablet.
  • Social media links – Automated for Showcase, we send a direct link of your listings to 4 social media platforms.
  • Text-to codes included for all Showcase listings.
  • A digital copy of the magazine is always available for any client, just simply send them the link.
  • Local editorial content gives readers information about the area they buying a home in.
  • Direct-mail delivers the magazine directly to realtors and their clients.
  • Area-wide magazine distribution ensures that your advertisement or listings are seen by thousands of consumers.
  • Professional, experienced graphic designers are available.
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